A Better
Stategy System Experience

A Better Strategy

You’re responsible for helping develop a plan to disciple all the adults in your church through a small group strategy. Your goal is 100% engagement, 100% life-changing experiences and 100% happiness from every small group member.

Um…so how’s that going?

Most often the goals for small group ministry are impossible to reach (who has ever achieved 100% engagement?), but they are even more distant if you don’t have a plan. You need something more that just great Bible studies. You need a strategy that:

  • Is designed to help you guide your small groups with a purposeful content plan for every season of the year
  • Includes resources that make it easy to be a small group leader by taking out the guesswork and minimizing prep time so they can focus on creating great relationships.
  • Provide world-class ongoing training for how to be a great SGL
  • Creatively engages small group members on the days in-between each time they meet.

Live a Better Story won’t get you to 100% of all your goals, but it’s designed to get your church’s small group ministry as close as possible.

The Live a Better Story strategy is:

  • GUIDED BY A SCOPE & CYCLE - LABS has a suggested scope and cycle that guides all groups through a purposeful plan for the different seasons of the year with content that is developed by today’s leading communicators.
  • FLEXIBLE - While each series fits into the scope and cycle, they’re written to stand alone so they’re flexible with YOUR plan for the year. Focus on whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • WORLD-CLASS ONGOING SGL TRAINING – SGL’s won’t be on their own to figure it out. LABS takes them by the hand and guides them through each step of becoming an effective leader.
  • CREATIVELY ENGAGING – The videos are engaging, the weekly communication resources are timely and relevant, and the content addresses real-life issues. Basically, the resources you get with LABS will grab everyone’s attention and won’t let go.

A Better System

You’re a small group leader.

Your group will start invading your living room any minute.

You have no idea what you’re going to say or do this week.

This happens to SGLs every week, and every week they feel like they’re not equipped well and left to wing-it on their own. That’s never the case with LIVE A BETTER STORY.

Or what about this one…

You’re in charge of the small group ministry in your church. You send an email to your church members asking for people to be a small group leader. You don’t come anywhere close to filling your need for leaders because people are scared that being a SGL will require too much of them (and possibly failing miserably).

The truth is GETTING and KEEPING small group leaders is one of the most important parts of your discipleship strategy. And LABS can help.

The LABS SGL system takes all the guess-work out of each small group meeting and all the days in-between by providing:

  • ON-THE-GO SGL TRAINING – LABS SGL training is developed in partnership with LEAD SMALL, a pioneer in Small Group strategy. Together, we’ve developed a training system for SGLs that:
    • fits into the rhythm of the leaders schedule
    • gives them the answers they need, when they need it
    • is designed to help them develop as a leader whether they’re brand new or have been leading groups for decades.
  • EASY-PREP CONTENT – There’s almost no preparation necessary for each small group meeting. Everything is provided so each SGL can focus on building great relationships with the members of their group.
    LABS includes:
    • High quality teaching videos
    • Moment by moment leaders guide so there’s never a question about “what happens next”
    • A group welcome kit for each series.
    • Group communication resources
  • WEEKLY CONNECTIONS – LABS provides everything a small group leader needs to stay connected with their group in-between each meeting. Everything is done for them! They’ll get:
    • Emails written for them.
    • Texts pre-written to send to their group
    • Pictures and posts for Facebook and Instagram.

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A Better Experience

If the adults participating in your small groups are like the thousands of others in small groups across the country, they have a desire to feel more connected with their group…they want community. They also want to have more impacting discussions about topics that really matter to them. They need some “a-ha” moments.

That’s what Live a Better Story is really all about. The content, strategy and resources are designed to give each member a chance for a better story for their lives.

We’ve designed the content of each series to be:

  • DISCUSSION FOCUSED – Everything about LABS is set up to lead the group into a great conversation. It’s designed to help them learn from biblical truths and learn from each other in applying these truths to their lives. From the beginning, Jesus demonstrated that true discipleship happens in the context of relationships and conversations. And LABS seeks to follow His example by creating the best possible environments for key faith conversations to take place.
  • MEMORABLE – The LABS experience is designed around a key topic for each meeting that is reinforced in memorable ways throughout the meeting and beyond. The truth is: you can’t apply what you can’t remember. So, videos, the discussion guides, the social media interactions all creatively engage each member in the topic in ways that keep it top-of-mind.
  • GREAT FOR SEEKERS- LABS content is written with the skeptic in mind. So foundational biblical truths are presented in common, everyday language with real-world example so that no one feels small group is “not for them”.
  • GREAT FOR MATURE BELIEVERS- LABS series are written with application as the goal. So while timeless biblical truths are presented, they’re always paired with a real-life application that will challenge even long-time followers of Jesus to live out their faith in a new way.
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Start your Better Story now! Sign up! Get {{ currentCouponCode.value }}% off for a limited time!
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